KONY 2012 – that is all

7 03 2012

I was planning to write about the state of education today and how I feel it needs to be revolutionised if we are to forge a new sustainable future, but I woke up to 30 minutes of the most powerful film I have seen in a long, long while so education can wait for the weekend, because right now, I can’t get my mind off of one Joseph Kony.

For once there is little for me to say here other than watch the video below, it says it all and is well worth half an hour of your time. I will add just one thought, the pyramid that our society’s hierarchy is based upon can be turned on its head by the success of this campaign. It is as unique as it is brilliant in its approach, let’s make this evil bastard a celebrity, let’s make him a household name and then see how quickly he is brought to justice.

This attempt to bring evil to justice by Invisible Children has the ability to change the way we the people perceive our power, it can show us that we are in control of our own country’s actions and that understanding could change the world for ever. Most importantly if successful, it will remove from power, a man who over the last 26 years has been responsible for the slaughter of millions, the kidnapping of over 30,000 children to be used as child soldiers or sex slaves and the destruction of Uganda, the Congo and the Sudan, worth doing no?

The great thing is you don’t have to do much, you already know his name so you’re part of it like it or not. So I guess now you’ve joined the movement you should watch the video so you know Joseph Kony’s deeds and what you are campaigning for. I’ll see you all in London on April 20th for some arts and crafts and game changing fun, let’s bring this mother down!!! Better late than never humanity…




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7 03 2012

Really impressive! Thanks for posting

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